Upper Hopton
What's Happening at the Club?

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Jackroyd Lane

WF14 8HU


Earliest records show that the club was in existence in 1891, being situated in adjoining houses very near to the present building. In March 1908, the present building was opened.

During the 1920’s, concerts were held on a regular basis and Lantern Lectures on educational topics occurred frequently. In 1929, a children’s sports day was held to celebrate 21 years of the club. 300 commemorative mugs and rubber balls were ordered for the children. 64lbs sweets were purchased and handed out to younger children.

In 1939, the bathroom was decorated to allow members to have a hot bath, the majority not having bathrooms at home. They had to bring their own soap and towel.

In 1949, it was resolved that members’ wives could accompany their husbands within the club and in 1995 all lady members were given full membership status.

The Club celebrated its centenary early in 2008

A brief history of Upper Hopton Club including short extracts from the club's records/minute books is available here in a downloadable PDF file. It makes interesting reading!