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Community Orchard


On the 28th January 2015 Hilary Dodson of the Northern Fruit Group visited the site and gave her advice on the varieties of fruit trees that would flourish in the chosen environment. (Soil samples had been taken and considered).

 On Wednesday 25th February 2015 eight fruit trees were planted on the north easten side of the cricket pitch.

See adjacent planting scheme which shows the type of fruit trees selected and their positions.

Fruit trees selected & planted

James Grieve - Apple - Cooker/eater - good flavour - ready end September - Keeps to end October

Newton Wonder - Apple - Cooker/eater - Ready November - keeps well

Katy - Bright Red Apple - Eater - Ready early September to October keeps well

Discovery - Apple - Eater - Ready end August - Keeps 7 days - 

Egremont Russet - Apple - Eater - Ready late September Keeps until Christmas

Jubilee Plum - A new plum tree which is a superior replacement for Victoria - Ready early September

Cambridge Gage - Ready late August to early September

Shropshire Damson - Also known as Prune Damson - Ready September to October.

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