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WW1 & Upper Hopton

Harold Dransfield
Willie Sykes
The above two soldiers are the only ones to be buried in St John's Churchyard, all the other soldiers are either commemorated or buried in France or Belgium
St John's Church WW1 Memorial
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WW1 Book cover PNG.PNG
To commemorate the WW1 Centenary, a 164 page book has been compiled which records the sacrifices made by the young men of Upper Hopton and surrounding area. Details  of the village around the 1914 -1918 period is given in the book as well as some background to the war. 
The book costs £10 and proceeds will be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Royal British Legion.
To purchase a book contact Roger Leedham on 01924 493568 or email

WW1 Exhibition - August 2014

The WW1 Upper Hopton village exhibition was held on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd August 2014 and was very well attended and received (click on photographs to enlarge).

Dedication books were prepared and displayed for all the soldiers that were researched. Copies of the dedication books were sold to the relatives and families associated with the soldiers (£5.00 per copy)

If anyone would like further copies please contact:
 Roger Leedham 
Tel. 01924 493568 or 07530 420872
Contact any member of the

Upper Hopton Community Association


WW1 Exhibition - November 2018 - click on photographs to enlarge.

Soldier's stories

We have gathered information and complied individual stories for all of the young men that lost their lives and some others that survived. Unfortunately a large number of the military records were lost in WW2, so we apologise to those young men and there families if they are not featured.

See the soldier's individual dedications below:

(Click on the PDF buttons to open each document and go the download button at the top of the screen or your downloads)

We are still searching for details regarding the soldiers related to the village and welcome any information that you may have.See contact details above.

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