VE Day 8th May 2020 - 75 Years

To celebrate VE Day on the 8th May, we are proposing that we decorate our front gardens with bunting or whatever you might have to hand, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Hopefully children will get involved with their inventive minds, creating posters and decorations

Red, white and blue decorations preferred.

Strictly keeping to the government guidelines of course,during this period of lock-down, it would be nice to raise a glass or cup of tea to the heroes of WW2 at 3.00pm in our front gardens, similar to our Thursday celebration of the NHS and other front line staff. 

Roger, Tony & Simon
Jane & Phil
Julie & John
Loraine & John
Sandra & Michael
Oliver, Steve, Sophie & Theo
Sophie & Steve
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Simon & Sue
Andrea & Roger
Anita & Andrea's cakes
Everyone in Elmwood Close enjoyed a celebration cupcake.
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Richard, Lara, Michelle, Harrison & Colin
John & Joan
Jennifer & Ingrid
Michael & Audrey
Sue & Alan
Shaune & Lisa
Steve & Sue
Cheryl & Maureen
Kath & Tony
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